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Neptune Online

We blog therefore we are

Neptune Online Staff
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Stosh_Piznarski: So, what's the deal with this blog?
Cindy_Mackenzie: Well, it started back at good old Neptune High. Our old vice principal, Mr Clemmons, asked me if I could help create a web page so that we could put up issues of The Neptune Navigator on the net. Then it became more of a blog, so I set up the site and created the cool instant messenger program that we're using right now. We started fairly late in the year though so it was left to our summer school students to put up the back issues after we all graduated.
Wallace_Fennel: And that's when it all went to hell in a hand basket.
Logan_Echolls: I thought those issues were the best.
Veronica_Mars: They posted our homework and other private things that were not supposed to be seen. Remember your poem?
Logan_Echolls: Oh yeah. ****
Cindy_Mackenzie: Mr Clemmons wasn't exactly impressed by our efforts, so he called me and asked me to delete it from the World Wide Weberverse.
Logan_Echolls: That has to be a Daria reference.
Cindy_Mackenzie: But rather than take it down, I decided to buy it from him because people shouldn't be denied our ramblings.
Parker_Lee: And what exactly do you ramble about?
Veronica_Mars: Mostly we talk about pop-culture. TV shows and the like. We don't often talk about Neptune - you could read this thing without knowing a single thing about us.
Wallace_Fennel: The only really regular feature is Logan's advice column.
Stosh_Piznarski: You give advice?
Logan_Echolls: Yeah. You should get your hair cut.
Veronica_Mars: I did a couple of pieces on the US version of The Office. Wallace wrote the first one with me, the rest I did with Logan.
Logan_Echolls: Heh.
Veronica_Mars:. Mind. Out. Of. Gutter. Now.
Cindy_Mackenzie: Madison, one of our former classmates and whose brilliant mind we're really going to miss, took care of the celebrity gossip.
Parker_Lee: Well I can handle that.
Veronica_Mars: Go for it. Another former classmate, Gia, liked to talk about Supernatural. A lot.
Cindy_Mackenzie: When I have the time I share some technology tips.
Wallace_Fennel: I'll be back with the basketball commentary.
Veronica_Mars: And hopefully Weevil will be around to contribute some more. He's previously talked about fast cars and tattoos. And as for Dick - wait, where is Dick? Isn't he supposed to be here.
Logan_Echolls: Dick can't talk right now. He's unconscious. And Veronica, you're forgetting one of our features.
Veronica_Mars: I'm doing that on purpose.
Logan_Echolls: What Veronica is not telling you about is our most popular piece: the sound off.
Stosh_Piznarski: What's that?
Cindy_Mackenzie: Using our handy dandy messenger program, we all go online at a specific time and talk about a specfic topic.
Logan_Echolls: And when she says talk, she really means fight.
Cindy_Mackenzie: Ain't that the truth. We've previously fought over Arrested Development, The Da Vinci Code and migrant worker rights to name a couple of topics.
Logan_Echolls: And don't forget about the Killer Zombie Unicorns.
Parker_Lee: What?
Logan_Echolls: Well you see, the world is going to end and killer zombie unicorns are going to make it happen.
Veronica_Mars: Many a sound off has gone way off topic because the KZU have been brought up. Generally we just edit those parts out.
Logan_Echolls: Not any more. I'm in charge now. The random is staying. People like it that way.
Stosh_Piznarski: Wait, I thought Mac was in charge.
Cindy_Mackenzie: Well I own it. But I don't really want to edit it. Neither does Veronica. Logan seems to enjoy the lunacy so he's now editor-in-chief.
Logan_Echolls: And as the editor...
Dick_Casablancas: I can do fun things like sign on to other people's usernames...
Wallace_Fennel: And join in the conversation as them...
Veronica_Mars: Because Logan is a sex god!
Veronica_Mars: Logan! Do that again and I will taser you!
Cindy_Mackenzie: That reminds me, I have to reset the security codes to deny access to the editor.
Wallace_Fennel: And may God have mercy on our souls.
Parker_Lee: So you guys do all of this by yourselves?
Cindy_Mackenzie: No, we have to bring in some outside help. afrocurl, babsonite, bennet_7, rownceleste and spadada give us editorial assistance. raelee designed our header and our icons. Our byline pics were designed by irish_bunnie (last year) and raelee (this year) from screens capped by _jems_. Plus we have a huge support staff over in vm_blog.
Stosh_Piznarski: This sounds like a pretty kickin' operation.
Veronica_Mars: "Kickin'?"
Parker_Lee: So when do we publish?
Cindy_Mackenzie: It's all over the place. On average we post every two weeks. We try to have it done late Sunday night for people to read on Monday. But sometimes we're a little late.
Stosh_Piznarski: And how do people get the update?
Cindy_Mackenzie: By simply friending the journal. Easier than Dick.

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