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25 September 2005 @ 09:00 pm
Read Back Issues of Neptune Online  

Volume 1: Issue 1
In times like these we turn to celebrities for comfort--Wallace on this year’s basketball team--Veronica: the ‘badass P.I.’ can cook!-- Introducing a new advice column from....Logan?--Weevil: motorcycles are for men--Hi! I’m Gia!--Sound off: Study Tips.

Volume 1: Issue 2
The Editor Kicks Off Pirate Week--Veronica + Wallace + TV = normal--Weevil: Serious Ink--Madison interviews Sheriff Don Lamb--Dick interviews Keith Mars--Hookman comes for Gia--You really wanna know? Ask Logan--Sound off: The next sheriff.

Volume 1: Issue 3
Celebrities are soo entertaining--Logan answers your questions--Mac channels Lisa Simpson--More Supernatural with Gia Goodman--Veronica and Logan blog about NBC's The Office--Sound off: Da Vinci and Mr. Darcy.

Volume 1: Issue 4
Water cooler Office talk from Veronica and Logan--Dead Celeb Roundup--Gia on Hamlet--Adversarial advice from Logan--Sound Off: 'Teen television' gets reborn.

Volume 1: Issue 5
'Celebrities are just like regular people, they are just more interesting'--Learn a trick of the trade from Neptune High's favorite Private Eye--What would Logan do? Click here to find out!--Not enough room in your backseat to stretch out? Weevil can help you out--Gia knows what it's like to be the odd one out. Learn from her experience!

Volume 1: Issue 6
Madison dishes Babes in Hollywood--Veronica's Secret Weapon: Cookies--Logan Echolls, helping one reader at a time--Xtreme Beach Volleyball: 'Hot chicks, dude'--Weevil Squares off with a Barracuda--Geek goddess Mac breaks down blogs--Gia shares her 'feelings journal' with us.

Volume 1: Issue 7
'Neptune is so not Hollywood'--Veronica dispels common myths about the stake out--Logan discusses cliffhangers and answers your letters--Mac says, 'Save yourself some stress – save your work'--Dribbling tips from Neptune’s King of the Court--Seniors sound off on Arrested Development.

Volume 1: Issue 8
Madison love celebrities! Especially the pretty ones!--Dress to make them confess--LeBron James and the NBA Playoffs--Ask Logan anything--Gia interviews a Neptune hero--Mac stands up for the graphically challenged--Sound Off! One, Two. Sound Off! Tres, Cuatro.

Volume 1: Issue 9
Corny reviews a movie you've never heard of--Dick on chicks--Share your agony with Logan--Veronica calls 'em likes she sees 'em--Sound Off: Binge Drinking.

Uncensored I
Veronica cuts because she can--Gia and Logan's Supernatural conversation--Duncan's got the blues--Talking Dick--Weevil writing poetry?--What's My Line?--Post Apocalyptic Sound Off

Uncensored II
Veronica's summer in hell--And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson--Neptune High sucks--Poetry from Gia--Communisim Chat--Sound Off: The teachers have their say.

Volume 2: Issue 1
Dude, the Welcome Wagon? Come on!--Parker gives it that old college try--Resident Assistants Gone Wild--Top Model Talk with Parker and Mac--Logan. He advised the world. A lot.--Sound Off: Dorm Life

Volume 2: Issue 2
Logan and Veronica are back at The Office--Dick tries to play it safe--4 out if 5 dentists recommend Logan--Bart Simpson is older than Piz--Pig knuckles and pina coladas--I'm not a doctor but I play one on TV

Volume 2: Issue 3
Veronica and Logan Review Battlestar Galactica--Wallace is looking for a party costume--Advice from the highly experienced expert--Piz wipes out--Mac's Halloween Episode Poll--The staff sound off on the paparazzi

Volume 2: Issue 4
Veronica and Logan Review Battlestar Galactica--Celebrity Gossip with Parker--Mac on Marie--You asked, he answered, you'll regret asking--Veronica's no Cupid--Weevil the P.I.? Not in this lifetime--A horrifying sound off

Volume 2: Issue 5
Veronica Tells the Truth--Piz made you a mixtape--Weevil's World: Dead Bodies--Logan is still at your service--Get caught up on Heroes--Dick reads! The tabloids anyway--Parker Dissects Grey's Anatomy--Sound off: 2006, the year that was

Dicks Picks: Volume One
Dick finds emails between Logan and Heather (the little girl he babysat while Dick was off getting hitched in Vegas) and decides they are too good not to post on the internet.